Forget Spring Break, Vacation at Home!

Are you totally disappointed that there won’t be any fantastic spring break vacation this year?  Take that money and create a staycation you can use all year long! A staycation is the trending idea you stay home for your vacation use that vacation money instead to create your own vacation destination. Stop surfing the internet dreaming of the perfect vacation and create a perfect vacation home in your own back yard!


Vacations can be expensive anyway, even before this crazy current event hit our nation.  Many people these days were already choosing to stay at home and just chill out, catch up on Netflix and drink some homemade margaritas. Others choose to stay close to home to explore the local sights and scenery, museums, festivals and enjoy what our own hometowns have to offer. Hopefully those local small-town festivals and attractions will still happen this summer and we can all enjoy catching up with old friends and neighbors.


In the meantime, think about how you can entertain your own family and close friends with outdoor entertaining areas to enjoy right in your own back yard. At Metzger Landscaping we already have several outdoor patios, fire pits and outdoor kitchens to install this spring.  Add your home to our growing list of clients that will enjoy their investments for years to come.  Investing in a home improvement project is always a good investment, as those projects add will to your property value.  What a great way to spend money—on something you can enjoy and feel good about making a smart investment with.


Warm sunny days are just around the corner. The pleasant weather at many vacation spots might make eating outside, also called eating “alfresco” seems like a luxury, but enjoying your meals outdoors doesn’t have to be limited to cafes and restaurants.  If you don’t have an outdoor entertaining area at home—now is the time to add one!  Creating an outdoor room with a patio is the cheapest square footage for an add-on to your house.  Outdoor rooms can be just as comfortable as indoor rooms, with the bonus of a ceiling of stars to enjoy at night.

Our nursery at Metzger Landscaping will be a flurry of activity soon.  The garden center will be fully stocked with everything you need to create a beautiful outdoor space of your dreams.  Landscaping perennials, trees and shrubs will be ready for sale by April 15 and annuals will be ready by May 1st.  The indoor Garden Center has everything you need from bagged topsoil, garden gloves, fertilizers, and tons of fun decorative items for your yard this year.   Our gift certificates are always an easy gift to send someone that maybe you aren’t able to go visit; and can even be purchased over the phone for your convenience.  We already have customers picking up bulk mulch to freshen up their landscaping for the year.  People are feeling a little stir-crazy and looking for something to occupy their free time— pick up a truck load of premium mulch!  Visit us and shop local!


Consider keeping your spending money local, whether to support a local restaurant, landscaper, carpenter, etc.  This concept of hiring locally is as important now as it has ever been.  If you spend your money locally by hiring local contractors, they in turn spend that money locally and this cycle strengthens our community.  Try to keep your money in the county you live in and you will see our local economy survive the hard times. Floor Pool

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